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1-800-NOPE Trucker
1-800-NOPE Trucker
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1-800-NOPE Trucker

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In the age of technology - giving out your phone number is more personal than just a social media account because it allows someone to have direct access to contacting you via your phone.

Many people are not interested in giving their phone numbers to random strangers, so they give a wrong phone number to avoid trouble.  This can work but it's also not a direct way to communicate your interest or your intentions.

Often the fear with giving out your number on a dating website or app is that the person you give your number to will start creating trouble for you if it turns out there isn't a match and you need to reject said person.

This trucker is inspired by dating in our new age of technology and sometimes it's easier to just be honest with a person and say "NOPE" than lie and be dishonest.

1-800-NOPE is calling your name.

  • Tan Foam Trucker hat
  • Mesh back detailing for comfortable wear during hot spring/summer months
  • 1-800-NOPE flat embroidery detail on front panel
  • One size fits most with adjustable snapback closure
  • Made in Sunny Los Angeles